Quality. Timely. Craftsmanship.

“If you aren't moving forward, you’re falling behind.”

Owned and operated right here in Peterborough, and backed by an organization of industry leading professionals, we strive to bring reliability and quality to every project we are involved with. We pride ourselves on our commitment, from minor home repairs, to utilizing the most up to date tools and processes used in our industry.

Our founder Tom Donoghue, born in Peterborough and raised in no nonsense leak-free home, he quickly became accustomed to not having leaks around. But life changed, as it always does, and as Tom grew older, as he always does, and he began to notice not every home was as lucky to be as leak-free as his own.

“We value our ability to exceed expectations, and deliver incredible quality products and services.”

So as a philanthropic soul, he decided to learn how to fix a leak, to help his friends and neighbours realize how peaceful a leak-free home really was. With the guidance and vast experience of The United Association Local 401, Tom travelled the expanse of Central and Eastern Ontario gaining access to generations of knowledge and developing carefully crafted skills under the watchful eye of his brotherhood. These experiences, although fulfilling in their own right, brought about feelings of nostalgia, and Tom knew he must return to his hometown and share his expertise with his community.